Finnam Foto

I am Finnish by blood and a designer by trade, but take to the art and passion of Argentine tango by night. Photography came about rather by accident at first, wanting better pictures to document the custom saunas I was building and custom homes I was designing, but after snapping some tango photos I became fascinated by the challenge of capturing the connection. To me the feeling of the dance is reflected in the face.. a hint of a smile, the tilt of the head.....see for yourself in the galleries...

If you wish to own any of these moments they may be purchased through this website. Please feel free to contact me at finnamfoto (at) gmail (dot) com, with any questions. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.
-Jani Keinänen

"Jani has a strong musical connection to the Argentine Tango. His dance expresses this, transmitting his interpretation of the music through the embrace to the woman in his arms. His photography is merely an extension of this connection. He uses the camera to capture the exquisite moments, that are more apparent to someone with a deep appreciation of both the music and dance. (AM)"

"With a teddy bear like embrace and the sweetest of temperaments, Jani is one of my favorite leads. His careful placement and attention to detail in his dance transfers beautifully to his photographic style. I love seeing the moments he's captured on film, forever allowing me to relive some of my favorite connections. (JLB)"